What will be the price of Nokia’s new phones?


Ayandroyedacalita Nokia’s flagship phone. 8 to compete with the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S stepped Nokia’s new phones coming to market this.

Nokia in Finland eicaemadi Global brand ‘P-1’, the name of the smartphone announcement could come this month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

6. As soon as the name of the smartphone market, Nokia recently has had a good response. China started selling the phone in all units were sold on a minute.

Nokia Mobile Congress on the occasion of this year’s P-1 may leave the smartphone market. The video data can be inferred from the concept of the smartphone, the metallic structure of the Android phone. Power and volume buttons on the right and left will be a hybrid dual SIM slots.

This may be the Snapdragon 835 esaosi and six GB of RAM, 5-point or 3-inch full HD screen kiueicadi. The phone battery will miliayampiyarera 3500.


1 GB and 56 GB storage P 128 smartphone, the two versions could come to market with. A model will cost US $ 800 and US $ 950 price may be another. Silver, black, and it will be available in rojagolda. However, at the beginning of the phone will hit the market in China. Then the other countries will be.