WhatsApp, the High Court gave judgment without seeing the picture!

WhatsApp is currently without a life paralyzed. The court came to rayadaneo the popular mobile app. Asansol MP gave a fair picture of ground clearance WhatsApp- Calcutta High Court.
Talk to chat recluse. Share jokes to make the necessary office work. Just can not be conceived without Whatsapp. Now obviously this popular mobile courts were recognized.

Asansol MP rail at the fair over the crowd situation could be worse. That was fair not to allow puranigamera the argument. Today, Justice Vishwanath Samaddar want to know how much the volume of the fair ground?

The lawyer said the host organization, 171 square meters. Lakshmi Gupta’s lawyer told the judge then the entire corporation, WhatsApp- send the pictures to tell. He wants to see the field. Lawyer contacted.
WhatsApp- moves through the fair grounds phone pictures and information about the size of the field. Lakshmi Gupta’s lawyer at the Justice WhatsApp- information and photos from the show.