When a sudden tension in the leg muscles is identified or not, do not be lame if you want to know what to do


    A sudden attack of pain in the leg muscles was kamkiye you’re asleep. Meanwhile, the legs can be folded straight or not. The continuous folding legs suddenly went straight down the leg muscles of the leg muscle tension or pain is felt identified. It may be sleeping or awake state. However, more is hibernating.

    A lot of extra work for a long time due to the tension in the leg muscles can take over. Sitting or standing for a long time, but it is again.

    Many more may be due. For example, loss, muscle or hurt nerves, blood potassium, calcium and magnesium deficiency, side effects of some drugs, such as hypertension and cholesterol, lack of certain vitamins, such as vitamin ‘B’ B1, B5, B6. Some of the habit, such as smoking, drinking. Smokers were less blood flow to the legs is a little hamtahamtitei pull their legs. If the nerves of pressure during pregnancy, so it is normal that time leg muscle strain. Again, hypothyroidism, kidney failure, mensatruyesana, pregnancy, etc., may take the consequence of muscle tension.

    Muscle tension in the leg muscles when it fell to the feet of tension or relaxation muscles to relax. The muscles will stretch and comfort. Is to expand the muscles,


    If you feel tension in the back of the leg below the knee masale if your legs straight and toes with hands over heads and gently pull toward you. If you are on the front foot and toes heads folding rear drag.