When buying sunglasses, which will ??


Sunglasses are not just a part of fashion. Rather, it protects you in many ways from dust. Until recently, one of the black or colored glasses that were very prevalent. But now that has changed is the choice. When buying sunglasses are so many young people in innovation. Let’s get to know about any note when buying sunglasses.


Cats Eye cheesy, but the face of the rounded frame aviator glasses frames can be used. Covers some eyebrows, slightly longish face would look like sunglasses for your goals. Rectangular, angular frame, the light is better to wear sunglasses. The small round frame sunglasses lenses should refrain from using it. If you can adapt to the shape of the face oval or round frames panapatara sun glasses. Konata slightly rounded square frame glasses that can adapt to the face.

Heart shaped face, wide forehead and jaw are narrow. If you choose sunglasses for your face and forehead which can maintain synchronization between. Cats Eye, appearance sporki type of sunglasses that fits well. Squared sharp angle with the appearance of the inheritors of the classic oval frames instead of the Cat’s Eye Balkar style can wear sunglasses.


High forehead and narrow chin golakrtira frame maintains the balance. Les metallic frame or glass rim of the lower part of the square face is to adapt sunglasses. And with a long face looks better rounded sunglasses. However, keep in mind that the sunglasses frames that are not too small.