When the cause of death in the hands of doctors writing prescriptions


Pharmacy run for 30 years, many of these long-life given back to the patient’s prescription is calculated. Text prescription Bengali or English, or do not understand what is written in Urdu. If you are still reading this have experienced people like me who are starting new businesses and their pharmacy experience even more miserable.


That gave Tribune written in Bengali about daktadera prescription pharmacy Romana Malik Ghulam Sarwar is located in the capital’s Ramna area.

He said, “It has happened, but what the patient has to take prescription drugs names were not understood. He knew the names of the drugs, the drugs the doctor gave the phone. “

Sayora servant said, a lot of time to write such a prescription from a pharmacy are given the wrong drugs. As far as the liability of the responsible doctor of pharmacy older people.


Dulal Miah, the name of the person present at the Ramna Pharmacy, said: “I am now to this problem. He went to the doctor for knee pain prescription drugs that did not catch the name of the pharmacy likhichena the Magbazar a barrier. Now the pharmacy medicines at auction. Asked what was the name of the prescription drugs’ dephalarkata.