When the girls refused to talk about the secret??

1. The girl is not going soft? Give him the price. Karuna appreciated, however, measure by measure. Do not appreciate the body back here. If a mainacha !! The importance of his work day. Having a quality commendation. If the pet and praise it (even if you do not like!)

II. What are you brother very stylish / orderly? First mainacha! A bit messy, random or pretty girls like boys! However, beware! Remove clothing or worn-phamra uddhatyapurna. Use a good perfume.

3. Although the girl’s looking? You can be apathetic. Forget the more his thing. Knowledge exaggerate. But yes, it does not matter amtalami again!

4. The girl’s expression-serious? Look frequently. Joksa picked up the joke. Hasuna day laughing. Attract anyone happy face.

5. Does not work? Can not draw attention ?? Now ….