When you eat too fast, which is a sudden increase in pressure!


Many people suffer from high blood pressure or high blood pressure problems. Stay away from the intake to the right as possible. If the food plan for reducing high blood pressure, so that there will be adequate calcium, potassium and myaganesiyamakarana diet to reduce high blood pressure in the material. Milk or low-fat diary foods, such as milk or yogurt, etc. are available carbibihina enough calcium.


Fresh fruits such as apples, bananas and vegetables are good sources of potassium. Tomatoes are available in several patasiyamabesi magnesium grain or whole grains, beans foods, nuts, beans beans, peas, chickpeas, red rice, red wheat, potato, green vegetables, tomatoes, watermelon, milk and yogurt, etc.

1. Carbibihina milk or low-fat milk or diary every day to eat food from 3 serving. This means that one serving of milk or a food diary or a glass of milk or a cup of yogurt, half a pound.
3. 4 to 5 every day serving of fruit. Half a cup of fruit or cut into pieces the size of a medium apple or half a banana or half a cup of fruit juice to one serving of fruit will be. Whole fruit is better than fruit juice.

4. 4 to 5 serving of vegetables you need every day. One cup of raw leafy vegetables or half a cup of serving one of the means to cook spinach.
5. We need every 7 to 8 serving of grain. One example is a slice of bread or grain sarbhinyera adhakapa one cup of rice or whole grain.


6. 4 to 5 per week serving food to the seeds. The food is also one of the seeds sarbhinyera nut or a third of a cup of cooked beans or peas adhakapa.