Which of the girls love the most? Did you know?

It’s really difficult to say for sure, but in recent years, several newspapers basis of information on this issue for a long time researching some amazing information are presented.

Dhaka, Narayanganj, located near the river Shitalakshya with neighboring regions, geographical structure and the ancient traditions of the region known as very significant in terms of Narayanganj in Bangladesh.

Fourteen of the eighteen-old girls in the district 4 per cent interest in developing relations with girls and boys from nineteen twenty-seven-year-old girl about 38 per cent of girls like to eat adajala, Twenty-eight of the forty-four years, and 0 per cent of the women in the women developed a strange relationship .

However, the trend in Narayanganj town girls are in many cases more surprising is that the town residents, but 56 per cent of people from outside the region coming from.