Who did you unfriend out on this strategy?

Facebook is a very popular medium of friendship. But sometimes bitterness creates a Facebook-friendly. He dislikes the idea itself unfriend a friend. The same way you can fall on anyone’s list of dislikes.

In that case, if you can unfriend a friend on Facebook. But in all cases, you can not send a notification on Facebook. Then all of a sudden you unfriend many friends who came to see the way it is? Way too easy. Know nina

1. Open Google Chrome.
II. Three dots on the top right-hand corner, click on “Settings” options to go to.
3. “Click on eksatenasanasa.
4. One breath at the bottom of the page, click Get More eksatenasanasa.
5. In the search box type “unfriend finder ‘(‘ unfriend finder ‘).
6. Right next to the search results the option to “add to Chrome” option to select. The extension will add to your browser.
7. At times the normal way to use Chrome Please log in to Facebook.
8. Click the Finder icon in the upper right corner of the unfriend. This extension will show, who has unfriend you. Even if you have new notifications come unfriend you.


However, this extension will only work in Chrome desktop version. This strategy can not add mobile extensions.