Who has visited your Facebook profile to hide ?? 1 minute Take a look!


    How do you see today, you’ll have to visit your Facebook profile And most who have visited, Without any software and (except for apps).

    We want to know that a lot of time on account of curiosity, who has visited my profile?
    Sometimes I just want to know, “came my friend FacebookMost of my FB profile tables.

    Switching seen around? ” See how you would care for something a little more interesting manner
    1) First, login to your Facebook account.

    Ii) Then enter your profile page.

    3) Now press Ctrl + U on the keyboard together,

    You will see your profile page source code.

    4) From the keyboard, press CTRL + F. The box will appear

    That is, there is a text in the search box and then reads { “list”:

    5) { “list”: the number of ID numbers with commas. The first is that most of the roadsides have aidita has visited your profile ID.

    6) If the ID number with the name you’re thinking now, what do you do? Aidi any one of the number of copies, then press enter, thus opening a new teba see how the whole profile of the person coming out.

    Here’s the place http://www.facebook.com/Facebook_Profile_Id Facebook Profile Id give you the desired ID. Examples: http: // http: //www.facebook com / 12345

    Note: If { “list”: After a long search through the list View from the top of the show, thenwrap Long Lines can be seen at all without error.