Who is the richest city in celebrities ??

Dhallywood hero and heroine in the film possesses more seasonal Arifa Parvin. However, three crore 95 lakh of its current assets. Although the taxpayer is the owner of the assets of the seasonal actor Mahfuz Ahmed.

He gave tax 0 million 33 thousand rupees. Which is more than other artists. He showed income of 87 lakh 54 thousand takasamprati stars 013-14 filed income tax, according to the document review. The maximum wealth is followed by Moushumi Monir Hossain Khan.

Two million to eight million of its assets. Bangladesh is in third place with a regular radio and television news reader Rehnuma Kamal Ahmed. One crore 94 lakh of its assets. 7 lakh crore wealth of Sohel Rana. Playback will bright one million to 4 million worth of assets.

Then the singer Sabina Yasmin is. He showed his wealth of 94 million respectively takakanthasilpi actress Sabina Yasmin Aleya Ferdousi, its worth Tk 90 lakh four thousand. Shahnaz Belly singer, actress and her worth Rs 88 lakh three thousand Tahmina Sultana Mou, its worth Tk 79 lakh 76 thousand. As a taxpayer after the second actor Mahfuz Ahmed Zahid Hasan. 64 lakh 84 thousand has three income tax showed 15 lakh 38 thousand rupees.

Dhallywood popular hero Shakib Khan, as a taxpayer, is in third place. 40 lakh 64 thousand rupees, and gave his income tax is 9 lakh 47 thousand takaedike fifth Shabnur (Dr. Nahid Sharmin). 4 of 9 million income tax money and gave him six lakh 31 thousand rupees.