Why do birds do not have teeth, new information came out!


Ever wondered, why the birds do not have teeth? Listen, then, researchers have found that one of the great information. The birds do not have teeth, they are considered to be one of the reasons behind it. Scientists have found a kind of preserved dinosaur species whose milk teeth.



The fall milk teeth, and the teeth when it did not. It has changed the physical structure. There may yekaranei birds beak. Have no teeth. Adult children, nearly 19 types of Jurassic theropods seratosariyana limusararasa inaeksatrikyabilisa experiment was conducted on the skeleton.




Bibartanakale ancestor of birds inaeksatrikyabilisa limusararasa. How do teeth have accelerated with time, came up with the test data. Although child skeleton strong and sharp teeth, no teeth gradually adult skeleton was found there. The study has been published in ‘Current Biology’ journal.