Why does the elevator mirror? Check!

Technology has taken the development of the peak. By clicking a button in the elevator going up to people in the space of just a few seconds or more above the floor of the 10-storey 0! But unknown to us, which is why the elevator mirror. Learn the issue.

With the development of technology is changing the lives of people. However, the causality unknown to us a lot. Hairaija rise building, as well as increasing the use of the elevator. Easily from bottom to top, from the bottom out of the train on the way to the elevator. Some of these facilities for maximum utilization of the building are being kept more than one elevator. You also may have seen these elevator mirror.
You may have thought to look in the mirror to see. But so what? I look to see what is the reason? Indeed, after reading this report may awake until now not a question of the questions that your mind has started grain bound, to the mirror What is the reason?

When the elevator started the first lift was very slow. The elevator would go down the stairs before. The elevator is only used when patients and aged. What the engineers sit! They began to speed up research. It gets a little more speed, but the reduction is not complaining yet.