Why eat honey?


Honey, a lot of times. Some magic cure it. Let’s assume that, honey, what are the key elements. 5 to 37 percent glucose, 34 to 43 percent fructose, sucrose and from 0.5 to 3 percent from 1 percent to 5 maltoja. All of sugar. There are also amino acids, mineral salts and enzymes.

100 calories, 88 grams of honey are available. Of honey and sugar directly into the blood work immediately. So it works as a ready energy. Half a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm lebupanite If you drink in the morning on an empty stomach, constipation away.

Honey raktasbalpataya quite effective drugs. For example, the copper, manganese, and iron is enough. It turned out that the great works of honey in healing wounds. It is bactericidal and pain absorber. Salyacikitsaya honey dressing is used for so much time. Phyarinajaitise common cold, and honey is beneficial.

Madhumisrita porter with water to reduce the inflammation of the gums. In addition, to prevent tooth decay. There are upside digestive benefits of honey. This reduces the loss of stomach acid secretion, nausea, chest irritation is eliminated. In winter, the body temperature increases metabolic heat production to increase honey.

However, patients with diabetes may increase blood sugar quickly honey. So they do not directly playing is like honey. In addition, weight loss is not the role of the madhurakono. The practice of honey on the face of the newborn, and it is dangerous. Because infants can not be anything other than breast milk.