WiFi signal is weak, which is not


WiFi in the world of work has changed a lot. This we can do at any time from any place.

Wi-Fi is a result of the close relationship with the users. WiFi signal is weak, but when it takes the form of bitterness in this relationship.

Wi-Fi signal may be weak due to various reasons. Appropriate measures may be taken without knowing the reasons can be found to solve the problem. Let’s take a look because so few

* Many users do not know the right place to set up the router. They might think that any one place is the router.

But in reality, the router can bring a little bit transfer device parapharamanse huge difference. Generally lower than in the high places, and set up the router’s signal is strong. So, better to set up the router.

* Other electronic devices to be placed some distance from the router. Otherwise, signals and other devices through the router the signal will be hampered. As a result, the user will not be able to do his job well.