Winning the lottery is a fake massage law-keepers: RAB


Massage ordinary people like winning the lottery is a fake security forces. This massage is deceitful mass cycle, according to the RAB.

RAB’s media center said in a press briefing on Monday kaoranabajarastha 1 Commanding Officer (CO), Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Masood told the rally. Earlier tempted lottery money-laundering in connection with fraud, three Nigerian nationals who were arrested on Sunday from Dhaka said.

Arrested, Ibrahim (9), klesi Prince John (40), Chem syamuyera ajubeika (35) and Dennis akurdi cepha (40).

Ibrahim Uttara came to take the money in the development of these stores were arrested by RAB. He’s Uttara area on the basis of information provided by the other three were arrested from a hotel in London. Bangladeshi SIM card from them registered, and the US dollar cash were seized.