Wireless power system is coming !!


WiFi router with a power supply of scientists has discovered a new method. Broadband Internet Provider raudarake structural changes in the system of the power supply can be utilized as they are claimed. ‘Power Over Wi-Fi, the new technology being used in all types of small and low-power devices can be used for power supply.

A group of students and researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle have developed the procedure. They applied this method show a power-driven camera power supplies. On a typical WiFi router researchers tested brought little change.

It can be seen, router WiFi signal as well as a power-driven camera and is able to supply power to certain devices. This brings up a picture of the camera power. Through the application of innovative methods to charge the surveillance camera itself is only thirty-five minutes.

According to experts, this method is applied in the process of power-driven small wireless power supply can be easily prayuktiguloya.