Wonderful contribution to science, can be folded TV! See details.

At the end of the room, watching television can be placed on one side of the fold. I wonder, though, said the creation of such television maker LG.

According to LG, the production of flexible plastic screen has been used instead of Polyamide, Polyster film. As a result of the transparent pixel design technology has been associated, from vague or dim view a trouble free match.

The screen size of 18 inches to create an experimental program. However, the company plans to build the 55-inch size. Four-to-HD quality flexible than the TV screen is more than four times higher. A resolution of 1200-by-810.

Analysts say the technology, the screen than conventional TVs would be durable, flexible TV screen. TB who come to the market this year. However, the price did not say anything clear about how it will be built.