You can bring in the way of your SIM card. When the news of the shake-book


    But you are very close to your smartphone. This banking is just a touch. Online tranajakasane the thieves set up a handful, he is not new news.

    Simakarde great danger!
    Online transaction curse not a blessing, he replied riven grahakakula. Like fortnight, online tranajakasane bank accounts are more likely to be hacked.

    Many such incidents are happening. As a result, savings are not protected at all. The other side says, be a little careful when many of the risks can be avoided. However, one thing is certain. Puromatra risk.

    If you’ve been thinking about, creating tranajakasane protect your money when you do, you will be dead wrong. For example, your simakarde ‘break through’ They have cut out the opportunity to access your account. Name, ” clone SIM card ‘.

    Recently, a resident of Mumbai, 7-year-old received an SMS from the bank. His account was taken Rs 11 lakh. Yet, he did not raise the money. The investigation found that, in the eyes of all. SIM cloning ‘- the money “stolen” has been. Old SIM ‘clone’ has been.