You can drink the water of the sea, scientists unique success!

Indian scientists made the sea water potable. Not only that, the 6.3 million liters of filtered water per day from seawater, they are making.

Dhumkache jalasankate part of India at this moment. On one hand, farming is seen as a problem due to the severe drought, drinking water is just on the other side wail! Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in terms of contribution to the scientists, this is undoubtedly to appreciate!

At first, scientists thought they had started work kalapakkame Tamil Nadu. The nuclear reactor of the filtrate channels were squandered away the waters of the sea. The success of this initiative spread throughout the country, the study found. Bengal was left behind.

It was, for the time being has been the marine seawater treatment plant in Punjab, West Bengal and Rajasthan. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai unit chief, told the news KN diameter.

Does not end here. Filtered sea water potable water treatment, as well as arsenic mixed land made scientists think. Two cases were clean, fresh drinking water is available. After the news did not drink any side effects.

In addition, domestic water purification device has made some scientists think. There are plans, especially in the domestic water treatment devices will be distributed to drought-hit Maharashtra. Sambada every day.