You can say goodbye to the elarjike FREE!


Allergy sufferers who just knows how terrible it is human life. How many do not do anything much for the cure. Yet are not addressed. How delicious meal at the front of the tongue to eat it for fear of water is really allergic. Bhuktabhogira for so many years had refrained from eating these foods. Nutritional suffer. However, do not worry. Get rid of all thinking people with allergies to the head. I said goodbye forever elarjike free of cost. So you will be able to

1. Take 1 kg of dried neem leaves it well.

II. Pataya crushed neem leaves powder dry and clean it well with a kautaya Place.

3. Buy Now isabagulera bran. Part 1 of 3 percent of one teaspoon of neem leaves powder and 1 teaspoon of bran 1 glass of water soak for half an hour.

4. After half an hour, stir well with a spoon.

5. An empty stomach every morning, noon and night to sleep on a full stomach to remove before eating. 1 day to eat continuously.


6. It may take 1 month to start functionality. I also hope it will be good for allergies, and then could not eat, such as duck eggs, eggplant, beef, shrimp, peanut, kacusaka, cow milk, spinach, sweet kumarasaha other diet. Do not see any problem.