You do not need cash, just stay Bindaas the apps installed on the phone


And the 1000 notes of the old 500 was canceled. Since then surrounded by a problem in the daily life of the AAP. Second is the problem. Do not leave without hatebajare-day retail stores.


There was a severe famine in the land of the khucarorai. Empty the cache ATM- wink. Bank line for hours. Still suffering. Yet man’s hope everything is going dina sayechena cheerfully. Black money recovered fake currency transactions, money supply in the hands of terrorists, and that’s the main reason behind the cancellation of off-notes are issued on behalf of the government.

Meanwhile, notes the cancellation of this risk, however, quite a few people step on the Cashless economy.

YouTube destination will be without money, transport and retail Ola, like Uber cab ayapabhittika. Journey to the price you are able to meet the wallet through the Facility. There are services that are auto olara a ayapabhittika. For this to you, “juganu ‘if the app will be.

Retail grocery market is now more and more people cast storamukhi department. The ‘Big Basket’ or ‘nyacarsa basketa in order to you, then fresh vegetables, fish, meat, milk, fruit, everything can be reached on your doorstep.


If you would like to have the card payment. Or at the time of order to fulfill the net byankinye price. Gropharsa, big basket, the basket nyacarsa popular.