You know, the car behind is fitting shoes and why?


Suddenly noticed in the street in front of the vehicle behind the shoes hanging on the go. Many of the passengers or freight vehicles that often can be seen. As we saw, maybe I do not remember now.



However, it is about the car. The question that may arise in your mind, why shoes hanging? You can think of any reason, or due to any prejudice or shoes hanging.

No, it’s not a superstition. That is why the appropriate shoes hung from behind the car. Not just shoes, another is used in many things. However, more can be seen jutai.

The point is, whether it was overloaded vehicles are used to measure these shoes. When overloaded vehicles shoe touches the ground. This means that the passenger or cargo can not be raised.


If the shoe does not touch the ground yet overloaded vehicles is not to be understood. Yes, you can say that it is a traditional method.