You know what happens when one of the spouses blood group?

We have before marriage, family, relatives, we are relating to research, but forget the most important thing is the husband of his wife’s blood, let’s get to know some of the important data on this topic


The husband-wife’s blood group should be discussed first before we talk about anything you need to know your blood group. Blood group is mainly divided into two parts. One of the ABO system (A, B, AB & O), another is the Rh factor {Rh positive (+ ve) & Rh negative (-ve)}. Will not be positive blood group is Rh factor will be negative. If the blood groups are: A + ve, A-ve, B + ve, B-ve, AB + ve, AB-ve O + ve, O-ve.

Let us know if anyone else in the body are the blood group, then what will happen?

When Rh negative blood group a person is Rh positive group generally will not be the first time. However, antibodies against the patient’s body, causing the patient again if ever turns positive, then the blood cell in the blood can be broken, due to many problems.

Such as fever, kidney failure, sudden death, and so on. The medical term for this problem is called ABO incompatibility.