Your SIM is the regulator of balance …


Sime remain closed at least seven crore 34 lakh as unused balance returned to BTRC GP.

2008- 2014 from May to December 42 of the 25 million SIM GP accused of illegal VoIP regulator closed. Sime was nine at the time of closing the balance koati 37 lakh.



GP NBR 15 percent of which VAT has already said that. They have a 10 per cent tax cut as well as the rest of the money was deposited at the BTRC.

However, the report did not give the money back within seven days, the other five operators sent a letter to the regulator.

Earlier, on January 31 at the apateraderake letter to the five and a half years of being closed due to lack of involvement in illegal call termination SIM directed to submit to the BTRC balance.

Jipii BTRC’s letter was in response to the deposit.

Unused balances are now being submitted GP 42 of the 25 million new SIM will be able to sell Telecom secretary Sarwar Alam told reporters. GP decided to allocate the same letter, they sought approval for the use of 2013.


Sources, however, the regulator will not allow the GP now. Jipira a total of 25 million to 80 million active connections. However, their number more than ten million have been sold.