Zaheer Khan to marry the heroine shaking Bollywood!


    Finally found a life partner Indian pacer Zaheer Khan, the former star of the national team. In alliance with whom he is going to bind, you know it will be a surprise!

    The ‘Mohabbatein’ Girl with Kim Sharma has been in love for quite some time. However, the relationship did not end. This time, however, his partner have been getting from the silver screen.

    This is ghatage Sagarika. ‘Chak De’ girl, whose identity as the tinsel town. Zaheer, Yuvraj Hazel kica marriage together after a rumor spread sagarikake. What relationship with jahirera Sagarika?

    Sources said, have been dating for six months Sagarika Zaheer. Both have a common friend. Through her pose-party talk Sagarika. Sagarikake first glance was clean bowled by Zaheer.

    Sagarika said in a recent interview, “We are currently in great. Never before did not say anything publicly about his personal life. Because of personal issues and the public should not be practiced. ”


    Then Sagarika says, “lived with such a low profile, as it will be. My relationship with someone else now being practiced in front of everyone that I can not open his mouth. There is no shame to admit it, but I have enough respect for the game jahirera. I have to ask you something before you put the picture resolution that will release the pose. ”

    Sagarika film that significantly raised the limelight of the plaza dete hockey player, he played the role that was on again with one of the players. Reel life and real life